Gumboro, Delaware


Gumboro is located approximately 3 miles north of the Maryland/Delaware line, on the western edge of the Great Cypress Swamp, a vast wooded wetlands area.  Gumboro lies within what was a 20,000 acre land grant in the mid 1700's from the State of Maryland.  Just before 1870, the Pocomoke River Company began digging miles of drainage canals toward the Chesapeake. This action drained thousands of acres that became fit for farmland.  To this day, most Gumboro residents are involved in agriculture as a way of life.  

Gumboro is also home to the Old Homestead, a house in the heart of town that is reportedly haunted.  Purportedly, voices have also been heard emanating from the Great Cypress Swamp as well.  Aside from these hauntings, the village is quite peaceful!


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