Listen and Act on Guest Comments

In order to attract bookings and keep guests coming back year after year, it’s time to take a hard look at your rental home.  “Landlords must act on the advice that they received from guest comments,” Michelle Esposito, Rehoboth Beach rental manager, said. “It’s critical, because we cannot in good conscience rent substandard homes.”  Here are some tips:

  • Replace all mattresses. Buy good-quality, fully zippered cotton covers.
  • Replace pillows, comforters, and bedspreads.
  • Buy new pots, pans, utensils, and grills.
  • Replace worn-out pieces of furniture.
  • Have a service contract for your air-conditioning system. The spring maintenance check is crucial. Have filters changed.
  • All equipment in the unit must be functional, such as ceiling fans.
  • Be sure that all televisions have updated Comcast converterboxes. Because of that company’sswitchover to digital broadcasting,televisions won’t workwithout the new converter box.
  • All units need landline telephones. Tenants should be able call 911 from your telephone for the fastest help. Sussex County emergency services will know the address, even if the panicky caller does not.
  • “Not clean” complaints are unacceptable. Owners don’t clean as well as professionals, and guests see the difference. The spring cleaning is critical to having a clean kitchen. It’s hard work and so well worth the price of a professional crew.
  • Remove personal belongings from the unit (not including decorative accessories), except for what fits in one locked, labelled owners’ closet.
  • Provide some extras: large televisions, comfy carpets. Your guests will appreciate it.
  • Be prepared to maintain your investment. Expect to spend 10 percent of the gross rental income back into your home each year. Improvements will be noticed by your guests and hopefully add to your bookings.
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