The Charm of the Front Door

What Does Your Front Door Color Say About You?
Katherine Owen
Southern Living Magazine

Photos by Hector M. Sanchez


Whether bright and bold or subtle and subdued, the color of your front door is a statement in itself. And an important one—it’s about more than just curb appeal. After all, it’s the first thing guests see before you even open the door. Not to mention how often it comes up when giving directions (hello, folks with yellow doors!) Maybe you’re devoted to the classics with your glossy black door. Or you’ve carved out your own Mayberry with a sunny yellow door (adorned with lush hanging baskets and planters, of course.) Maybe you’re timeless with patriotic red. Whatever it is, when it comes to front doors, there are endless excellent options. If you’re looking for a new one, we’ve got some ideas here. If you’ve made your pick, find out just what your front door says about you.

aLight Blue


You’re hopeful and positive, and know the value of a well-loved, well-worn old pair of blue jeans. Friends come to you for both advice and a good laugh.

Deep Blue

Inside you’ll find ginger jars and old family heirlooms. You’re grounded, peaceful, and dedicated to your (fixed) principles. But it’s not all serious all the time—you make a mean bloody mary.


Who needs coffee with your personality? You’re a morning person, but you live in the moment any time of day. Your house is the cheeriest on the block, and the same may be said about your disposition.


You’re a sucker for classic romantic gestures, and you’re quite thoughtful and generous yourself. You may raise a house full of guys, but everybody’s pillow has a monogram and drink has a garnish.


aA bold, but an inviting move. You like to entertain, and you’ve got a bar cartstocked at all times for spontaneous passers-by. History books and non-fiction reads monopolize your shelves and nightstands.


You like elegance with a hint of mystery. Trends do not sway you, and you treasure your crisp button-downs. Martinis anyone?


THIS door is as warm as your personality. Fear doesn’t hold you back—certainly not in the paint shop. You’re a reliable friend but full of surprises—we suspect you may be the party planner in the group.


aYou’ve got the pantry everyone else dreams of, perfectly organized with perfectly sized containers. You like things clean and tidy, but it’s only so you can truly relax later


aYou’re easy going, and you care about your community and your family immensely. You’re responsible and seek security. Maybe we’re reading too much into it, but we suspect your backyard is a gardener’s paradise.

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