Become a student...AGAIN.

Did Someone Say FREE College Courses? 

Being crowned a Senior Citizen comes with many financial benefits.  Most Seniors are very aware of the discounted days at the supermarket, retail outlets and restaurants; however, many Senior Citizens do not realize the fringe benefit of free education at Delaware Technical Community College.  I have been shocked to realize that many Delawareans are not conscious of this wonderful perk offered by the college.  Why not sign up to better your writing skills, train your brain with a little algebra, or even take a class in digital storytelling?  Of course, there are some rules to follow in order to register.  I have outlined them below.  So, sharpen your pencil, dig out your back pack, and smile for that college ID badge.  Guess what, with that college ID, you can now get student discounts too.  

aDelaware Tech Senior Citizen Tuition Policy
Senior Citizen Tuition Policy states, residents of the State of Delaware who are 60 years old or older may enroll tuition free in any credit course. Workforce Development and Community Education courses are excluded. Persons eligible for this privilege are not required to pay tuition and registration, late registration, and student services fees. They shall pay the cost of all books, supplies, and other fees. This privilege shall not apply for any course in which competitive admissions is required. This privilege is granted on a space-available basis. Due to limited space availability, the senior citizen registration period for tuition-free courses begins one week before the start of the semester. Senior citizens may request the tuition waiver by submitting the Senior Citizen Registration Form to the Registrar’s Office. Registrations submitted prior to one week before the semester start will not be eligible for a tuition waiver. Students are not eligible for the senior citizen tuition waiver for any courses for which they were registered prior to the start of the senior citizen registration period.

Check out more information at the registrar's office at

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