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16712 Kings Highway
Lewes, DE 19958

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Buyer's Agent Donna Whiteside is a member of The Lurty Team.

Whiteside, who was born and raised in Virginia, has lived in Delaware for five years, and was a visitor for 20 years before that.

She first became a real estate agent in the 1980s while living in New Jersey.  She continued to sell real estate after being accepted into Rutgers Law School.    After completing law school, she worked in private practice and as an attorney for the County of Camden.  In 2009, she retired from that job and she and her wife moved to Delaware."

"I love how people seem to care for one another here," Whiteside said. "If someone has a fire at his home, there is a fundraiser organized, and everyone comes. If someone is new to the area and gets ill, someone he barely knows will take it upon himself to arrange for volunteers to help out. I've never seen this level of caring and friendship before."

"My experience as a REALTOR®, combined with my skills as an attorney, should be very helpful to my clients," she added. "I also am very experienced in social-media marketing and can't wait to see what I can do to help my clients in that area as well.

Whiteside is married to Linda Dean. They share their home with three dogs, a cat, and a very grumpy bird.   She is also an artist, metalsmith, and jewelry-maker and can be found often at local art shows. She owns the Barking Dog Gallery and operates a web gallery as well. In her precious spare time, she can usually be found on the water in Rehoboth Bay enjoying all that Delaware has to offer.

As Whiteside says, "Who wouldn't want to live in Lewes?"

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